Music Reviews – How To Submit Music

Music Reviews – We all read them, we all need them to get the best possible audience for our music. So how do you submit your music for review to get the best possible results? First things first – not all music review sites will respond to you, and not all music reviews will be beneficial or offering positive feedback – quite the contrary in some cases, you may find that some reviewers have only written about your music to scar it with a negative write up. Sometimes this can be helpful, if you want to improve your song writing perhaps, but sometimes it’s just some hermit writer who wants to feed his own ego by ranting about why something isn’t as good as something else.

The best thing to do is look for those high ranking, genuine, well written music review sites – use Google to find the ones that are accessible to unsigned or upcoming bands and artists. Use Twitter in the same way – Twitter is an unbeatable tool in promoting your music or business and branching out to a much wider, almost infinite audience. Search for music blogs in your local area, ‘music blog London’ for example. Search for ‘unsigned music reviews’ or ‘unsigned music blog’. You can also use services like Fiverr to find those who are guaranteed to review you – you’re paying them money so they have to respond, but be careful which ones you choose. Some music review sites offer out the same old spiel to every artist that pays them, so it’s not beneficial to you, nobody wants to read it, and those that do just plain don’t believe what’s written anymore. These sites have no value to you. You’re better than that, your music is worth more!

Look for the sites with genuine customer feedback, statements like ‘real insights, not just a bunch of filler’, or ‘he really listened’, ‘amazing review, will use the service again’. Don’t just opt for the ones with a high number of customers. More often than ┬ánot, the numbers are far too high for them to really care about what your music means to you. Look for writers who really listen, genuine music fans with a passion for music and writing, and approach them with a friendly, genuine email or notification – ask if it would be ok to send over your music, say what kind of music it is, and maybe a short bit about how the final product came to be.

Keep it short and concise when it comes to asking for music reviews. Remember, you’re a small fish in a very big sea – the music industry is immensely saturated. Music reviewers literally get hundreds of messages every week from bands and artists and musicians asking for their music to be reviewed. Keep it simple, friendly, honest, and above all – make sure your music is recorded to the absolute highest standard. A bad production job can mean that the pressing of play is wasted and swiftly followed by the pressing of pause. Don’t waste the opportunity. Those who get back to you will only listen once. Make it count. Music reviews matter, especially in the age of the internet. In many cases, a music review or music blog can make or break your musical journey.


How To Get Your Music Reviewed

You’ve practiced, you’ve written the songs, you’ve worked and worked and put it all together and finally released your soul food, your music, to the world. Now you just need to get people talking about it! This is a guide for getting a range of the very best music blogs to write about your music and publish their feedback online, thus drawing more fans towards your music, and offering you some delightful quotes to share with your existing fans.